Forgettable Communication Keeps You Broke: One Insight To Create Influence & Profit

Forgettable communication will keep you broke at worst and struggling at best.


Wealthy, struggling, and broke business owners communicate in different ways. The difference is often-overlooked. When it’s not overlooked—sadly enough—it’s commonly neglected. Here’s why.


Standing out takes effort. It is not for the lazy. It can be painfully frustrating and hard, and usually is. Why? Because you’re working on thinking and creating in more advanced ways.


Here’s an example:

Almost EVERY speaker or webinar trainer starts with something like this:

“I’m so excited you’re here today.”

Of course the speaker is excited… listeners may buy something! #CashFlow ($$$$$)


Who doesn’t get excited about making money? This phrase, “I’m so excited you’re here today” is true. The problem is that it is not different from what all the other speakers and webinar trainers are saying.


In fact, the phrase is:

  1. Thoughtless (Zero effort was put into this!)
  2. Common (It’s invisible.)
  3. Boring (Yawn-fest.)


Say something true and different.

(Note: The word “phrase” could be another word, phrase, or sentence. I’m talking about any type of content.)


Maybe you use one of these openings instead:

=> “Spending time with people like you is one of my favorite things to do. You’re hungry for growth. You’re taking action. And I respect that!”


=> “Thank you for being committed! You’re here. You’re ready to learn. You had to say no to lots of tasks and distractions in order to say YES to this training. I’ve put a lot of work into this to make sure you’ll not only be pleased with your decision to be here, but you’ll also be thrilled.”


Can you hear and feel how “true and different” can lead to profit?

The second example speaks the language of influence, persuasion, and others-focused enthusiasm.


Disclaimer: Different has to be good. We’re not being different for the sake of being different. The purpose is to create more influence, persuasion and appeal.


Marketing well centers around our words.

Countless examples could be shared here. One of the most famous examples is this. SteveJobs did not say, “We have this really cool advanced tech device that has a lot of storage for mp3 files…” He dropped one of the most memory marketing lines ever, “1000 songs in your pocket.” I’m not asking you to get that marketing savvy, but what you’re reading now teaches a simple technique to get to your next level of marketing and communication expertise.


How I apply this: Before I publish a LinkedIn Article, I always write out at least 10 article titles. Sometimes I write up to 20. I rarely go with my first idea. Out of those 20 titles, I pick the best one. You see, only the blog title gets people to click and read. Why spend hours writing a blog when it’s not going to get many readers? A blog title that is “true and different” is brings in more clicks. More clicks = more readers. This increases the number of likes, comments and shares, which helps the article get in front of more readers. More readers also means more clicks to my call to action in the signature and more sales conversations.


Ask yourself: Which overused and forgettable phrases can I replace with phrases that are true and different?


Which new phrases would most likely stand out to my audience, increase my influence, and ultimately increase my profit?


Think about:

  • How you communicate in person
  • Your website
  • Your social media profiles
  • Your content (offline, online written content and videos (social media and/or website))


What To Do:

  1. First, identify the lackluster communication, wherever it is. It can be written, verbal or both.
  2. Second, invest time into transforming the language into phrases that are true and different… ones that stand out, and serve to influence and engage your readers and listeners.
  3. Here’s how to start smart. Ask yourself: What’s seen the most by my audience? What is heard the most when I’m talking? Make a list from most widely used to less used.
  4. Starting from the top, work your way down the list over the next few days, making improvements as you go.


Example: You may start with your tagline or Professional Headline on LinkedIn. From there, maybe it’s your website homepage (if traffic warrants that) or your LinkedIn summary (and Facebook Page’s About section). You don’t have to change this overnight. Get started and keep revamping. I’m betting in as little as 14 days you’ll see massive improvements that people will notice.

For those of you who are regularly visit the “Read and Do Not Take Action” Club…. (I’m talking to myself)… ask yourself these questions:


What is at STAKE if I’m NOT true and different?


What will I LOSE?


What will I fail to create?

  • Money?
  • Freedom?
  • Fulfilment?
  • Adventure?
  • Time?
  • Happiness?


You’ve got your Action Steps above. You know what to do.


I’ll let you get to it.


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