How to Stay Smart in 2020 and Beyond

Implement this technique below. Not only will you start this day/week/month/year smart, you’ll also stay smart by producing more effective results every single week.

This powerful technique works. I learned it from author Rory Vaden. You can immediately put this to use.

We all ask “Does this matter?”as we go through our days and weeks. Something is important. We do it. It’s done. On to the next task.

That question and the answer is not good enough. It will not fulfill on what you want. It will not build dreams, bring you happiness or success, to the extent that is possible. (Ouch!).

Why? Because some of the things that matter only matter for the moment, or only for the day, or only for a small project. They have a short shelf life.

Begin asking THIS question: “How LONG is this going to matter?”

Will it only matter for today?

Or will it matter for a week, a month, longer?

Those answers will shift your approach and your results.

It invites you to move from “living in the weeds short-term thinking” to true long-term thinking that is anchored in your vision.

The answers that come from this question empower you to operate from significance and ROI.

By delegating two actions recently, I created at least 8 new hours for myself each month. That’s 96 hours a year I now have that I did not have last week! Truth be told, I could have delegated those tasks months ago.

Delegating those tasks is going to “matter” for a very LONG time.

I could have done my default. The thought goes like this, “Task X matters. I’ll do it now.” The “I’ll just do it now” thinking was a problem. It was costing me. It may be costing you too. It left me rolling around in the weeds. There’s lost of activity and energy in the weeds, but the vision is not moving forward. It’s the business version of a merry-go-round… I’m doing a lot, but I’m not getting anywhere new.

What actions can you take NOW that will cause you to THANK YOURSELF for in the future?

What actions can you take NOW that will matter for a LONG TIME?

If you want to leave the weeds behind…

If you want to operate from your VISION…

The answers to those questions are exactly how to make it happen.

Eric Z. Johnson

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