"The day I began using Eric for my social media management was the day I could finally relax and trust that I was in the hands of a true professional. All of my output is managed with care and posted in a timely fashion. Many factors I thought impossible, became possible once I hired Eric and his team. My analytic reports prove tangible growth combined with an effective strategy.  Eric has been a delight to work with on all of my creative campaigns. He and his team are reliable, professional, effective, and on-point. I owe his company many thanks for being consistently productive and trustworthy.

Susan Winter
Relationship Expert and Bestselling Author, as seen on Oprah. Featured in People, The New York Times, CNN, BBC, Fortune, and more.

"Simply put Eric saves me time and makes me look great—everywhere! His company improved our social media presence significantly. In fact, social media referrals increased 187%.  It was completely seamless for us to work together. He got my vision and took ownership quickly. Eric has an excellent grasp of what is needed in today’s SM world. I just didn’t have the time or the know how to be everywhere effectively on social media. Within a short timeframe, we were growing on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.


I had worked with other social media providers, but they always wanted me to write material. With Eric I provided foundational material which he and his team tweaked and repurposed. He also wrote original content for me and constantly brought new ideas to the table. He is organized and timely with his deadlines, giving me plenty of heads up prior to needing approvals for new content and images. He is honest, honorable and reliable.


If you are worried about value for money—don’t. Social Media is a difficult arena to measure value, especially if your marketing budget is stretched. You have to be seen to be found and you can’t be seen unless you are consistently posting. Unless you want to learn it yourself, hire Eric and his team. He makes you look like you are doing it all! Time is such a precious commodity when you are already slammed. Peace of mind is priceless and that is what I have with Eric on board. Treat yourself—you deserve it!"

Christine Rae
Founder and President of the Certified Staging Professionals CSP® International Business Training Academy, RESA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Home Staging Pioneer Seen on HGTV, ABC, Fox, NBC and More

"Eric is a fantastic social media writer and marketer. For us, we were most impressed with how he captured the voice of Inland Real Estate School and how we wanted him to speak to our students. Also, given we run a school, it’s imperative that there aren’t typos and that the writing is written at a certain level. It was also important as well that he captured the voice of how we had previously written. Eric has done just that, and quickly! He and his team incorporate everything we give him and do it in a very welcoming way. You never have to worry about on-time postings or quality! The process of getting content approvals to him is also a snap! It requires very little work and time. If you’re looking to move your social media services to someone else, you can be assured, working with Eric will take a big piece of time and effort off your plate and everything will be on time and professional!"

Dr. Stephanie Krol
Vice President And Chief Operating Officer, Inland Real Estate School
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 3.26.36 PM

"A trusted friend referred Eric and said that he did great work. What I love is that he is flexible, agile, innovative, and collaborative and that he works with my crazy schedule. During our work together, Eric selected from and leveraged existing content to amplify my voice in a way that resonated with our target audience. He expanded our reach to new audiences and captured new leads. As a small non-profit, we cannot do it all; Eric helped us see, understand, and capture opportunities through social media that we had been missing. His work has generated 100s of new leads, many of whom turned into clients. We heartily recommend Eric for generating leads and selling through social media." 

Mellanie True Hills
Founder and CEO of, Heart Health Expert, and Award-Winning Author Featured on Dr. Phil
Ted Edginton head shot

"I am so very thankful for the introduction to to Eric by a well respected coach and colleague.  Eric is the real deal.  His engagement and concern for marketing my message and needs is quite careful and concise.   Never have I felt that his directions moved me off course, and only moved my connections and marketing forward.   Our relationship has never been 'set it and forget it,' but a constant adjustment to what my needs are.  I am confident in his ability to propel connections, and colleagues and clients have noticed the difference in how they see me.   I am looking forward to many more years with Eric supporting my social media marketing goals!"

Ted Edginton
Top Producing Mortgage Loan Originator and Member of US Bank's President's Club

Eric has helped our firm with our social media content on LinkedIn and Facebook.  His attention to detail and creativity has helped our presence grow online.  Eric is a visionary when it comes to social media and his leadership has helped us continue to increase our presence on LinkedIn specifically.   We continue to enjoy the ideas that he brings up to our marketing.   I would recommend Eric to business owners whom would like to increase their presence and content on social media platforms.

Brian Franke
Certified Financial Planner™ at Integrated Capital Management
Wealth Coach

"Eric Johnson is BRILLIANT and knows how to command this wild beast called Social Media. If you are struggling with how to use Social Media to grow your exposure, visibility, and CLIENTS, work with Eric. Not only will you be ecstatic about the quality of the work, but you will get more than you EVER expected! When I first began working with Eric Johnson, I had no clue on how to manage my social media presence. My posting was erratic and inconsistent, my messaging was all over the place, I only kind of used one platform just okay, and I was not doing a good job of keeping up with even that. Then in comes Eric and EVERYTHING changes. Eric knows when to post for the most response, what to post to create the most connection with your audience, and how to post content your proud of. He helps you find your value and spread your voice in this noisy space. Now through our work I am everywhere! Every social media platform has my presence and represents me just as I want. My followers are growing and they are engaged! Now I am not shouting into the wind, we are having a dialogue. No more lonely days on Facebook thinking I'm funny! There is no way this could have ever happened had it been left up to me."

Karen Graves
Business Growth Strategist
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.38.35 PM

"I’d been hearing about Eric from my Accountability Partner and knew I had to engage with him. I went from 400 to 4,627 LinkedIn connections since working with Eric and his team. More importantly, people are coming up to me thanking me for putting out such well-articulated posts. During our work together, he crafted my thoughts into sound bites that are relevant to my audience. He also created and oversaw Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns, in addition to managing the social media maze, which freed up more of my time. I’ve found him to be trustworthy, thoughtful, and extremely competent. He is very insightful, knowledgeable, and great at anticipating needs. Eric understands both the social media platforms and the needs of his clients. This helps him integrate client strategy amidsbt the maze of social media outlets. If you’re struggling with social media marketing, let Eric remove the guesswork and convey your message to a broader, yet more targeted, audience than you could otherwise do on your own."

Gip Erskine,CPM, CCIM
Gip Erskine, CPM, CCIM Founder of EverSmarts.
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.49.04 PM

"Life and business are all about relationships. Yet many times we are left with the question of "where do I find these new relationship and potential clients?" I did a video session with Eric and I learned exactly how to reach new clients to build my business. I knew LinkedIn could lead to new clients and speaking engagements, but I was not sure how. Eric opened my eyes to the potential of LinkedIn when used strategically. He asked several questions about my business goals and then outlined the exact steps for me to take in order to build my business faster than before. This session was very valuable and the ROI was so worth it. If you’re struggling with getting high quality leads or if you’re not sure what to do next in your social media marketing, reach out to him today."

Aaron and Jocelyn Freeman
Authors, Speakers and Marriage Mentors at Meet the Freemans, Featured in The Huffington Post and Forbes
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.28.25 PM
"Until being referred to Eric, my social media presence was hit or miss. Eric's ability to map out a strategy for achieving and then maintaining visibility on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook has allowed the Institute for Leadership Fitness to stay in front of our customers and prospects. Besides being a social media maven, Eric is a pleasure to work with. He makes the whole process seem seamless."
David Chinsky
Executive Coach, Author and Founder of the Institute for Leadership Fitness
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.52.39 PM

"I don't like social media, but it's a must to have a strong online presence in today's marketplace. That's why I hired Eric and his team to strategize and manage my social media. He knows how it all works and has given me strong strategies and solid recommendations for connecting and interacting with my ideal audience that I would never have considered otherwise. If you don't like social media marketing, Eric and his team do… and they will do a stellar job for you."

Jan Saunders Maresh
CEO and Founder of Talks That Sell

"Eric’s professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding. He is a phenomenal wordsmith. His process that he takes you through to fully understand yourself and your message is fast and easy. He also writes outstanding content based on the message of your business. I began working with Eric because I did not have the time, patience or knowledge of social media to oversee it and do it myself. I knew the importance of marketing via social media, but Eric made it happen. What stands out is that he does what he says he is going to do. He's prompt and on time. I have never worried if my social media is getting handled well. I've been working with Eric for over one year now and couldn't be more pleased. He made getting my business on social media a reality. Thank you Eric."

Cindy Tomcak
Creator of The Mortgage Maven Method

"Eric is an outstanding social media strategist. If you are looking for the doorway to boost your visibility and exposure through social media, Eric Johnson is your key. His deep knowledge of all social media platforms is second to none. He has an amazing ability to put your “voice” into every aspect of your social media marketing efforts. His attention to detail and system orientation takes all of the guess work out and brings in the exposure. He does what he says and delivers every time. If you want to boost your exposure, Eric should be your first choice."

Rodney Rich
CEO of Magnum Opportunities

"Working with Eric has made a huge difference in my social media presence and to my bottom line. I was fairly active on social media sites when Eric and I first met, and I even had a social media assistant who would create a template, post content for me, and remind me to swoop in and interact with people. It was going fine, but Eric quickly spotted that 90% of what I was sharing was other people's content, sometimes even direct competitors, and he showed me how to share my own content in a way that felt good to me and wouldn't turn off my ideal clients. As a result of his strategic suggestions, my online engagement has increased substantially. When I'm promoting anything from an article to a webinar to a program, social media is a key and effective part of my strategy. I'm spending less than half the time I did before preparing social media posts, and I'm elevating my own profile instead of always shining the spotlight elsewhere. When I get on the phone with someone who follows me on social media, they perceive me as a leader in my field. And while working with Eric, I knew I was in good hands, thanks to his organized approach and his boundless knowledge and enthusiasm. More free time, more income, and better connections? Yes, please! Thanks, Eric!"

Julie Fleming
Founder of Lex Innova Consulting
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.32.37 PM

"Adjusted Balance, Inc was introduced to Eric by Rodney Rich (a great business coach).  Eric worked very hard to ensure that he understood what we needed and wanted from him.  Between my wife and I, I do not think we had even 100 social media connections.  Eric and his team have pushed our connections up well past 500 each and we might be approaching 1000 connections each.  More importantly to us than the connections, I get regular feedback (both in person and online) that our contacts appreciate the content that we are putting out into the Zeitgeist.  I think that Eric & his team have really helped us to find our voice."

Jim Brilz
Director of Business Development at Adjusted Balance Inc.

"Eric is so much more than an awesome techie FaceBook pro! He literally takes my idea and makes it loads better. And if I don't come to the table with much of anything, besides asking, "What's next Eric?", he's ready to suggest, recommend and run with a new idea that's ready to bring new targeted leads right to my doorstep! If that wasn't enough, he's always been prompt, thoughtful and just so fun to work with in his cool, calm and collective manner."

Rachel Elise
Founder of Blue Moon Elise (BodyCare, Yoga, Nutrition)
Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.33.54 PM

"Eric and his team oversaw every aspect of our social media profiles and content. All of our profiles were updated, revamped, and maximized. The social media content (posts) he created were relevant and engaging to our audience. He wrote in a way that captured the voice of our business. He made this whole world of social media marketing easy to understand and user-friendly. Eric is easy to talk with, asks great questions and is both personable and professional. With our FacebookAds, Eric did a lot of research. He ran multiple split tests with our ads so we could discover what our audience responded to the most. I would highly recommend adding Eric and his team to your arsenal."

Stephanie Brown and Dr. JoEllen Halteman