The Driving Forces of Profit

Did you know there are driving forces that make your audience and leads purchase? 

Many marketers call them “triggers”.

These driving forces are prompts.

They spark and activate something inside of your audience.

Inside of your audience’s minds and hearts, these forces can generate and set off:

  • desires
  • concerns
  • pain
  • pleasure
  • and more

One proven, time-tested tool to accomplish this is a story.

A story can light up the brain’s emotions.

Sharing about pain can finally help someone see and feel what they’ll be missing out on if they do not purchase and/or work with you.

Calling out a common villain puts you on the same team, and thus brings someone that much closer to saying yes.

This is not about manipulation, although some marketers take it there. Some to the nth degree.

The truth is that something is already going on inside of your audience’s minds.

Your work is to activate what is already there. 

In 2011, a gym class instructor activated something inside of me. No other instructor or friend had done that. I was overweight. I hated how I looked. I hated feeling blah. Walking up a flight of stairs was tiring. Ben and Jerry were close personal friends. We hung out binge-watching Netflix a lot. I could not hold my own body weight using a stretch cage for even one second. (Not one second y’all!) Then, I stepped into a Boot Camp class with a “Well, why not?” attitude. That instructor activated something inside of me. Something within. I clumsily trudged through the first class, not really keeping up. After that class, I was sore for 4 full days. Walking was painful. My calves were screaming. Yet, I went to the class again. And again. The class did not get easier. I got stronger. I started cleaning up my nutrition. I broke up with Ben and Jerry. From there, I went on to lose 40+ pounds. Then, facing the fears and concerns, I went on to complete four Tough Mudders in 3 different states and also did a Spartan Sprint. There’s nothing special about me. There was no “secret” as marketers want you to believe. Something was activated in me. Boot camp was the path. I did the work. I got great results.

Ask yourself this:

What do I want to activate in my audience?

That is the answer to look for.

Next, ask yourself this: Who is selling well in my niche? 

Identify them. (It could be 1 to 5 people.) Watch their marketing. Get on their email list. Watch their social media, and their videos. Check out their website.

What they’re doing and saying is causing people to purchase.

Look at their words. Check out their last 10 marketing emails.You’ll see common threads. (If you’re not on their email lists, create a Gmail specifically for watching your competitors. Be clear to only watch, observe and learn from your competitors. Do not obsess or worry.)

By identifying the driving forces in their marketing…

… the ones that are compelling people to buy

… you’ll learn more specifically how to craft your marketing and your messaging

… and this will lead to more sales.


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