Two Profitable & Actionable Insights for Solopreneurs

This article is for you if you’re some type of solopreneur, entrepreneur, or “client getter” like a designer, SM manager, photographer, home stager or similar.

1. Focus on being more deadline-driven, than task-driven. 

To Do List tasks never have a finish line.

Deadlines do have a finish line. (And it’s pretty glorious, isn’t it?)

With a To Do List, you operate from a list.

With deadlines, you operate from a calendar. (Yes, it’s OK to use both.)

As a business owner, you usually have two types of deadlines:

  • Deadlines for your clients’ projects.
  • Deadlines for your business.

The big problem? Your business deadlines are usually the ones that get pushed out farther into into the future. This is where a lot of your profit gets delayed or even lost. Your deadlines may include hiring an assistant, doing a webinar, creating warm referrals… and yet, you keep pushing them off because your clients’ deadlines are constantly devouring YOUR deadlines. #SpeakingToMyself

I’m not saying get rid of your To Do List. I am recommending that deadlines take first priority, including the deadlines of your business.

Disclaimer: While neither approach is “better”, I consistently see high-producing entrepreneurs operating from their calendars.

If you’re deadline-driven, you work from a calendar. You arrange everything by when it’s due. Your “success” is measured in meeting deadlines, so you execute whatever is necessary to keep them all on track, not really considering whether they are the most important things to do.” Guy Gage

Being deadline-driven relates to my favorite question when it comes to our daily and weekly tasks. Many times, this question can be eye-opening or even painful. (But it’s a good pain!)

“For how long will this task (action) matter?”

Some tasks matter for a few minutes, maybe a few days. Many tasks have a short shelf-life. Many are low or no ROI.

What’s scary is how much those “weeds” can eat up our time and potential income.

Ask yourself this: Which actions will matter for weeks or even years to come?

Focus on those activities as much as possible.

How much more profitable can you become when you focus on answering that question every day and taking corresponding action?

I’ll tell you… a LOT more profitable.

2. The more offers you create, the more work you have to do.

You may be thinking, “I’m creative! I offer this! I offer that! I offer these as a bundle!” …as fairy dust falls down around your bare feet. It’s very tempting.

However, if you are “offering offering offering” and nobody is “buying buying buying”, there’s a problem. (If you’re the exception and happen to have 87 offers and they’re selling well, more power to you.)

Truth: More offers do not always mean more contribution, money and impact.

More offers require more systems, structures, follow-up and management. In other words, sometimes what you are building to FREE you ends up TRAPPING you.

Instead of Freedom, you create Frankenstein. #MaryShelley #GreatAuthor #BadBusinessCoach

Instead of a business by design, you created a business by default. #BeenThereDoneThat #ThankYouNext

Truth: A few key offers can push you over $100K, $250K, and beyond.

One of my friends took one offer, scaled it and is on track for $500,000 this year. Three years ago, he was doing countless projects and tasks and making $50,000 a year.

How is he operating nowadays? He focuses on actions that have a high ROI and long shelf-life. He also operates from his calendar.

Having read this, begin exploring what’s possible for YOU and your business.

To your freedom,

Eric Z. Johnson

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